Temporary Staffing

Finding the right people to match your style and keep your business running smoothly isn’t easy. So when you need temporary help, you want to make sure they’ll work as a part of the team you’ve worked hard to build. That’s why we take such a personal approach to servicing our clients. We get to know you and your business, so that when you do need a placement, you’ll get exactly the person that fits, rather than the first person that’s available.

Knowing which employees best fit certain environments may sound unusual, but we know our workers very, very well. The reason is our extensive screening process. Even more unusual for the industry are our interviews where we learn about what motivates them, what they enjoy, how they spend their free time, and what they want out of work and out of life. It helps us create better placements and lets us know that we have more than good employees, we have good people. And that’s something we’re proud about.

Plus, since they’re our employees, we take care of all the paperwork. We pay their salaries, their taxes and their benefits. You just pay a weekly invoice based on the hours they work. With service like this, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are turning to BeginRight for their temporary staffing needs.

Direct Hire Placement

Companies are saying it’s harder than ever to find good employees. If that’s true, BeginRight just made it a whole lot easier. Thanks to our non-stop recruiting effort, chances are good that we already have someone just right for you. We’re constantly identifying, interviewing and evaluating high-quality people for a number of positions at all levels. From supervisors to middle managers, from recent college graduates to seasoned executives.

Many of them come to us because they’ve heard of our good reputation and they know – just as many companies do – that a referral from BeginRight means this person is at the top of their game. We evaluate each candidate by using the same screening practices that work so well with temporary staff, because the traits of great employees are the same no matter what their area of expertise is. Then we test, check references, interview and re-interview until we’re sure they meet your high standards. You’ll have the perfect employee for the job faster and more affordably than you ever could have found one on your own.

What if the new employee leaves or for some reason doesn’t work out? If the employee you selected doesn’t complete a ninety-day probationary period, we’ll find a replacement for you at no charge. The advantages are all yours.

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